2006 obtained Certification: ISO 9001-2000 version & further upgrading to ISO 9001-2008 and followed this rule for 10 years. We schedule to apply ISO 9001-2015(latest version) in 2017. Tien Yi Gear Became AGMA membership in 2016.




  Procedure of quality checking:
  Parts under production checked in every stop,do sampling testing by technician,QC check casually until parts completing. QC will check finished parts before package then make approval & inspection report before shipment. UT testing(Non-destructive testing),MT testing(Magnetic crack inspection) are available by customer required.




  In order to supply the best precision gears, Tien Yi Gear bought Germany KLINGELNBERG P150 Measuring Trial Equipment in 2013 to double check Gear precise and rectify precision of gear grinding machine as well . Which can apply Gear Profile Lead Report and Pitch Report giving the most reliability & satisfaction to all of our customers leading Tien Yi Gear stands on top of one of gear suppliers.