Most experienced R&D Team — is our strong back up & behind our customers
  Established in 1993, most of them owned many years experiences in Gear Industry to service all kinds of Customized demand and giving most Economic Cost consideration as well as bringing High Efficiency Machinery.




  To qualify vary customers demand, Tien Yi adopted gear design software from European & USA since 2009. It is well known and used in worldwide Gear & related industries which includes Spur Gear, Helical Gear Bevel Gear, Worm & Worm wheel as well as Strength calculation for Shaft & Bearing for Customers evaluation.




  Gear Strength calculation based on ISO Criterion, AGMA or DIN Standards are also available as per customer required. In general, Gear Elements made by Tien Yi Gear adopted by AGMA criterion, JIS or DIN Standards are available as well as per customer demand to reach wide range utility.